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We believe every sandwich should be uncompromisingly EPIC.



We are tired of getting our hopes up only to be dissapointed. We

are tired of slick marketing campaigns, false claims and

broken promises. We are tired of uninspiring, underwhelming

and unimpressive sandwiches.

We want big portions. We want quality ingredients. We want

bold flavors. We want made fresh on location. WE WANT EPIC.

With this in mind, we set out to open a sandwich shop obsessed

with one goal; making some of the best sandwiches you have ever

tasted. PERIOD.

We offer delivery only. No expensive dine-in area, no wasted space,

no distractions. Just a small team dedicated to crafting truly EPIC

sandwiches for you; our loyal customer.

Our footprint may be small but our sandwiches are truly EPIC.




A sandwich is only truly EPIC if it is:


- Love at first bite, close your eyes and be teleported to

a different universe, mouth drooling kind of delicious.

- The perfect ratio of bread to main to topping to sauce.

The sandwich needs to burst with flavor and texture; from

the tangy sweetness of the sauce to the perfect crunch of

the lettuce. Only the freshest, highest quality ingredients

should be used with each topping carefully selected to

enhance without overwhelming the taste.

- The bun (responsible for holding all that goodness

together) needs to be pillowy soft, slighty crispy, sweet &


- Size. You better believe size matters. Generous portions of

veggies and meat are a must. When you gaze lovingly at that sandwich in your hand it better have some real heft to it or

don't even think about calling it EPIC.

And that my friends, is what separates a sandwich from a

truly EPIC sandwich.

Greasy Toast
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