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What is a "secret menu"?


Traditionally, a secret menu is a hidden menu that is not advertised or posted anywhere. We absolutely love the concept of a secret menu; it is fun and a great way to give our biggest fans a chance to be the first to try and give us their feedback on new menu items we are experimenting with. Some of these menu items may make it onto the menu - but not always.


Being a delivery only company, we had to come up with a creative way where we could offer a secret menu while at the same time not revealing to the general public what the secret menu items are.  So we gave it some thought and came up with a simple way to make it happen! By listing our secret menu items as "Secret Menu Item #1", "Secret Menu Item #2" etc BUT giving no indication of what the items are; we were able to make it work and are the first company on any delivery platform to offer a secret menu!


So how can you find out what the items on our secret menu? There are 2 ways. 1: roll the dice and order off the secret menu - we know you'll love it so go ahead and take a chance OR 2: sign up to Club Epic and we will occasionally share secret menu items with you.

*Secret menu items are constantly changing so make sure to stay current on all Club Epic emails or you may miss out on a secret menu change!

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